Pressure Testing

Choose Interlaken for pressure testing done right, including Impulse Testing, Leak Testing, Burst Testing, and Autofrettage.

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Manufacturing operations face all kinds of pressure to:

  • maintain product quality,
  • meet deadlines,
  • and keep the supply chain from breaking

And when high pressure components are on the line, so is your reputation. The best way to ensure the performance of high pressure parts is to test them ~ right on the shop floor.
Leak Testing Systems from Interlaken let you verify the integrity of your parts without slowing down your production. These systems use leak sensor technologies such as pressure decay, vacuum decay and mass flow, and can incorporate additional capabilities like data collection and analysis, part marking and material handling. In addition, the control module can communicate with other control systems via Ethernet, ProfiBus or CanBus.

Pressure control modules are available to handle measurements from vacuum to ultra high-pressure, and testing reports from Interlaken production leak testing systems include testing measurement data, graphs and statistics for quaulity control/quality assurance monitoring. Systems are in use for both production and research & development environments.

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Applications include:

      Fuel System Components
      Tubes & Hoses
      Pressure Vessels