Impulse Testing & Pressure Testing Systems

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Application – Impulse Testing of a direct inject fuel rail


A major OEM supplier of fuel rails was in need of a testing system that would provide high pressure pulsation at up to 5Hz. They had systems in house already that test at a few hundred psi but nothing that would go to the 5000 psi that they were interested in for this new application. Unattended operation and the ability to do millions of impulse cycles were critical as was the need for remote monitoring and data acquisition. Additional features that were necessary was the need to use a variety of different fluids as the pressure medium and to have temperature control over the process. Space was also a concern so a small footprint was highly desirable.



Interlaken provided one of their standard systems, the Mustang HP5. This is a complete turnkey impulse testing system that incorporates an integral high pressure pump that is servo controlled to give 0 to 5000 psi of pressure at up to 5Hz. The system is integrated into a single cabinet that has easy access on all 4 sides to the workings of the system located below the testing chamber. The impulse testing chamber has an automated, safety interlocked door that slides completely out of the way to facilitate sample fixturing and set-up. An intuitive operator interface provides access to a versatile control and data acquisition system.



The customer reported that close to 10 million cycles had been put on the system with minimal downtime for routine maintenance.

Interlaken provides testing and production equipment for pressures from 100 to 100,000psi. Typical applications are leak testing, pressure pulsation, burst testing and autofrettage. In addition to the engineering, sales and service professionals located at the companies headquarters in Chaska, MN, Interlaken offers a world-wide network of sales and service professionals to serve their customer’s needs.