Burst Test Equipment & Pressure Testing

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Interlaken offers turnkey Burst Testing Equipment for R&D and production. Combining their expertise in ultra high pressure, controls, data acquisition and burst testing, Interlaken’s integrated package offers performance, reliability and ease of use for burst test quality control.

Burst Testing Systems

Interlaken also offers a complete line of burst testing machines. These burst pressure machines can be integrated into production lines and work cells or can be used stand alone. A safe test chamber is provided to offer secure testing. Burst pressure machines are available in a variety of volumes to accommodate small or large parts and pressures of 1,000 to 100,000 psi are standard for high pressure burst testing.


Interlaken’s burst testing equipment come with a network ready digital controller for closed loop machine control and real time data acquisition.


Typical applications for burst pressure test machines include pipes, fittings, hoses, valves, vessels and chambers.


The burst testing equipment can be configured with custom, quick change fixtures for high volume production or with more universal configurations for research and development work.