Interlaken’s Hydroforming Machines are for use in production or process development applications. A Hydroforming Machine is computer controlled hydraulic press with data acquisition that uses a high pressure liquid to hydroform materials.

Interlaken’s Hydroforming Press was designed to embrace both tube hydroforming and sheet hydroforming (hydro forming) applications. The process is very repeatable with hydroforming equipment. Many manufacturers use hydroforming equipment for producing parts that require very tight tolerances.


The Hydroforming Press is equipped with Interlaken’s UniPress Control System for reliable and precise control over the hydroforming process. Easy to use Windows compatible interface software enables users to build motion and force profiles designed to fit specific forming needs. The multi-channel closed loop control system is easily programmed to handle event as well as time dependencies.


The control system offers dynamic mode switching which enables the user to switch between a variety of feedbacks such as force, position, internal pressure and other system variables.


Hydroformed parts are stronger and weigh less due to structural integrity and fewer welds or add-on pieces. In addition, costs are reduced and time is saved by eliminating secondary operations, reducing scrap, lowering material and manufacturing costs and increasing design flexibility. With superior control over forces and motions, Interlaken’s Hydroforming Machine provides a greater overall quality of formed parts.


A dual operation mode provides enormous flexibility. The Learning/Research Mode determines tool and die specifications, measures and optimizes processes, and programs forces and motions. The Production Mode runs the optimized profile while monitoring and recording process variables.


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