Hydroforming Services, Metal Forming, Burst Pressure Testing, Hot Stamping & Soil Testing

Our business is the precise control of high-force hydraulics.

Pressure Systems

Pressure testing machines and equipment designed for burst testing, impulse testing, leak testing and autofrettage. Systems for both production and R&D environments.
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Hydroforming and warm forming machines, equipment and services for tube and sheet forming. Information about warm forming of materials such as aluminum and magnesium.
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Metal Formability

Metal formability testing equipment and information about metal forming techniques. Interlaken’s ServoPress Metal Formability Test System is a double acting servo-controlled hydraulic press.
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Soil/Asphalt Testing

Soil testing systems and asphalt testing equipment. Systems include the Simple Performance Tester, the Superpave Direct Tension Tester, and the Compact Soil and Asphalt Test System.
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Hot Stamping

Turnkey, fully automated hot stamping press machines that meet the high demand for stronger and lighter materials for volume manufacturing of automotive components.
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